Brightfeather Challenge and Familiar Farm

Now we have familiar farm in Riders of Icarus which will make lvling your mounts and pets easier and also you now can send them on their own adventures to get amazing stuff! We also have new legendary mount Tropical Ramphastos available to us, which can be easily tamed by anyone!

Beginning late Wednesday, November 23rd, all Riders will have an opportunity to tame the Tropical Ramphastos, a legendary mount that has been whispered to be seen roaming around the Familiar Acadamy in Hakain’s Crossing.

Riders can log in each day between November 23rd and November 29 th and they will receive a Tropical Ramphastos Mark in their Ellora’s Storage in the Event Box tab. This will give you an opportunity to try and tame the Tropical Ramphastos mount once per day. Any Rider who happens to fail in five attempts to tame the Tropical Ramphastos during the event will be rewarded with a special achievement. Accompanying this achievement will be a special reward– a Tropical Ramphastos mount!

Riders will have until the start of maintenance on Wednesday, November 30th to tame this unique mount before he disappears. The Tropical Ramphastos Mark is untradeable.

Mount: Tropical Ramphastos
Max Level: 40
Type: Ground
Cannot be turned into a pet and cannot be sealed
Comes with the following skills:
Legendary Aura: Provides resistance against all regional climate effects Ramphastos Aura:
Level 1: Move speed increased by 5%
Level 40: Move speed increased by 20%
Tropical Ramphastos (Legendary)
Level 40
DPS (Damage Per Second): 391
Physical Defense: 1781
Move Speed: 8
Attack Speed: 2

Familiar Farm

With so many mounts and pets, we’re letting you coral them together in the new Familiar Farm system. The Familiar Farm system allows each Rider to enter their own instanced farming area. Speak with the Beast Trainers throughout the region like NPC Weid located in Artisan Square of Hakain’s Crossing or NPC Garnas at Parna’s Coast to visit your farm. The Familiar Farm is an exclusive to your Rider only. No other Riders will be able to enter or access your Familiar Farm. In addition to finding various services such as Workshop Merchants, Workshop Stations, Storage NPC and the Auction NPC, the Familiar Farm also serves as a hub for the following new features:


The fostering system allows you to choose up to three familiars and have them level up simultaneously at the farm while they continue their dungeon adventures away from the farm. For the cost of some gold, players can leave up to three familiar at their farm to gain EXP at a 30% rate. Speak with NPC Lumein to register familiars you’d like to have participate in Familiar Fostering. There are a total of 3 overall slots. The 1st slot is FREE to use. The 2nd and 3rd slots can be unlocked using Elluns. You can increase familiar EXP gain even further by giving each registered familiar some “feed”. You can choose between Budget feed and Premium feed. Budget feed will allow the familiars to gain EXP at a 60% rate and can be purchased in a 3 hour increment with Familiar Coins. Premium feed will allow familiars to gain EXP at a 120% rate and can be purchased in 1, 6 or 12 hour increments. The 1-hour version can be purchased with Familiar Coins. You can also increase the EXP rate even more by upgrading your farm. A mid-grade stable provides an increase of 50% experience gain while a high-grade stable will yield an increase of 100% experience gain. The experience is only applied when you are logged into the game.


Familiar Adventure allows you to select up to 3 MAX level familiars and send them on an adventure. When they have successfully completed their adventure and return, it will provide you with rewards based on the adventure. These rewards include items such as Familiar EXP boost, Familiar Coins and even Heroic Refining Stones. Rewards are also dependent on the adventure difficulty they choose. Common adventures last 2 hours, Elite adventures last 3 hours, and Heroic lasts for 5 hours. Heroic adventures yield the highest value items as rewards. Initiating a Familiar Adventure requires you spend both Gold and Adventure Points. You have a limited number of Adventure Points that can be used per day, but 30% of your total Adventure Points are replenished daily at 4:00 AM UTC. You can spend Gold or Elluns to end a familiar’s adventure early and receive the rewards they have acquired up to that point. You can access the Familiar Adventure system by looking up the Adventure Bulletin Board. At this time, you can select from 4 different regions with a total of 10 different areas to send your familiars. While your familiar is off during an Adventure, the familiar will be unavailable for you to use and does not receive EXP. However, the amount of time taken up can be reduced by using Adventure Boosters or sending them to the familiar’s natural region. Sending a familiar to its natural region will also provide you with more rewards. After a successful adventure is completed, a cooldown restriction is applied to that area, but the cooldown can be reset using gold.


The Familiar Herd Buff system allows you to receive a unique buff depending on familiars you’ve registered with the Familiar Herd Buff system. Speak with NPC Daryl to begin the process of combining your stable of familiars to activate a buff. The available buffs, how long they last and their familiar formula to activate will be available for you to see. As you upgrade your farm, you can acquire additional buff formulas. A mid-grade fence upgrade adds 2 new buff formulas. While the familiar is being used for the buff, they will not be available for you to use or receive EXP during this process. The cooldown for each buff varies and formulas used will also receive a cooldown before it can be used again. Only MAX level familiars can be used with this system.


Your Familiar Farm can be upgraded both visually and functionally. Speak with NPC Daisy to upgrade your farm in numerous ways by using Familiar Coins. Familiar Coins can be attained through daily quests and Familiar Adventures. These upgrades to your farm only lasts for 7 days. Here are some of the upgrades available for your Familiar Farm:
Stable Upgrades
Stable Upgrade I:
Familiar Fostering EXP increased by 50% while logged in.
Familiar Coin cost: 60

Stable Upgrade II:
Familiar Fostering EXP increased by 100% while logged in
Familiar Coin cost: 110

Familiar Corral
Corral Upgrade I:
2 additional familiar formula buffs are added
Familiar Coin cost: 60

Workshop Upgrade
Workshop Upgrade I:
Crafting triumphant success chance increased by 7%
Familiar Coin cost: 40

Workshop Upgrade II:
Crafting triumphant success chance increased by 12%
Familiar Coin cost: 90


This Advanced Rift Shrine exclusive to your farm will allow you to transport to all available region shrines throughout the game. Will only let you teleport to regions you have already been to.

Familiar Tempering

You can now enhance your familiars even further with stat boosts using the newly introduced Familiar Tempering system.
The stat boosts that a familiar can receive will potentially increase their speed, stamina, attack and altitude. If the target familiar has reached its maximum level, you can start the Familiar Tempering process by clicking on the “Tempering” button inside you Familiar Info window.
By using sealed familiars and Familiar Enhancers (purchased from NPC Roben the Barder Craft Merchant in Artisan Square of Hakain’s Crossing), you will be able to begin the process of Familiar Tempering. The sealed familiar level does not matter, but using a higher ranked sealed familiar (for example: using a Heroic sealed familiar instead of an Elite sealed familiar) will provide a higher chance of success.
Using multiple sealed familiars will also increase your chances of success. Please note that tempering success will be more difficult to achieve as you temper your familiar to higher levels and will also require more Familiar Enhancers.

If the familiar is tempered up to the maximum of +5 and is sealed afterwards, the seal stone will also have a bonus “All Stat” attribute! The higher ranked +5 tempered familiars will have higher “All Stat” boosts.

Familiar Adventure Discount Event
Event Dates: November 23, 2016 to December 7, 2016

From November 23rd to December 7th, it’s cheaper than ever for your familiars to join the Familiar Adventure! For a limited time, the gold cost for adventures has been significantly reduced so Riders can send out familiars more frequently! The new base gold cost (first familiar used) has been reduced to the following regardless of the familiar’s rank:

  • Difficulty: Common (1 Hour): 2 gold
  • Difficulty: Common (2 Hour): 3 gold
  • Difficulty: Elite (3 Hour): 4 gold
  • Difficulty: Heroic (5 Hour): 6 gold

The additional gold cost when sending out multiple familiars at the same time has also been reduced. In addition, receive 1 bonus Familiar Adventure reward when you send out familiars ranked elite and higher to their natural region!