Master of Shield

Guardians are the ones who stand before the mighty enemy, shielding his allies from their soul shattering wrath! But they are not only good for delaying or keeping enemy busy, they are also quite skillful melee fighters capable of doing great damage themself! Difficulty: Normal
This is one of the most important classes in game, as this game is about dungeons and taming epic beasts its almost unthinkable without good tank which is ONLY guardian, if you pick this class you will be always welcome in most parties.


In this short video you will learn how to use your talents on Guardian, though we won't be able to recomend any particular build you will have to think on your priorities yourself, to activate them you will need to reach 20lvl and finish all scenario quests up to that point last one gonna be Familiar Ablaze.

Chain-in skills

As is the case in most tank classes in MMORPG games, guardian in Riders of Icarus can pull enemies to him and force them to engage him with skills such as Binding Summons or mass pull Hakain's Grasp.


Guardian can buff his party members with toggle skills each useful in their own right:
Pledge of Brilliance to make mages attacks more deadly;
Pledge of Duty to make your allies more sturdy;
Pledge of Power to make assassins, berserkers and archers more powerful