Master of Swift Death

Assassins are swift melee fighters, quickly closing in to deliver a lethal blow and disengaging fast as a wind. They capitalize on fast-paced chains of attacks that stun, wound, and air-lock or knock down foes for a short time. These effects are very short-lived, but if used correctly the assassin will be able to completely incapacitate and kill any single opponent in one smooth ultimate rotation of combinations. Difficulty: Hard
This is really agile class to play and most enjoyable for those who like fast paced melee class.


In this short video you will learn how to use your talents, to activate them you will need to reach 20lvl and finish all scenario quests up to that point last one gonna be Familiar Ablaze.

Movement skills

Assassin is the only class in game that can move as fast and as swiftly as he does. All you need to do is double press: 'W,A,S,D or Space' as was shown in video above. Use those moves to run around your enemies to deal them swift death!

Close-in Skills

Two skills that you can use to close-in with enemy to strike and then quickly disengage by using 'Double S'.