Master of Elements

Magic is the very essence of the world and wizards control it to cause massive damage on battlefield and to single targets. Magicians are typical range type damage dealers, they focus mainly on destroying their enemies before they can reach them by unleashing powers of nature such as fireballs, ice fangs, meteors and spears of light. But keep in mind that wizards lack defense and health so they have to either be fast or have reliable teammates to help them.

Difficulty: Very Hard
This is one of the hardest class to play in Riders of Icarus so keep that in mind before choosing this class.

Area of Effects skills

One of the main tools of wizards are aoe skills, which cause great damage on specific area of their choosing. In our gif picture you can see two amazing fire magic skills used: Fire Storm and Inferno Meteor in quick succession which is an effective combo.

Charging Skills

Each class has some kind of charging skills, which have 3 stages of charge, making it more powerful, in this example you see wizard use in quick succession two of the most powerfull skills: Ember Bomb & Flame Barrage. Which is also yet another combo of wizards.

Mana Shield

This is main skill of wizard, makes him much more capable to survive in both pve and pvp. Mana shield spends mana instead of health when you receive damage, but be careful so you won't lose all your mana and be unable to fight any longer.


In this short video you can look up all talents of Wizard class.