Priest of Ellora

Priests wield the power of light to protect allies and smite their enemies. Advanced priests have even been known to manipulate the minds of evil creatures, bending them to their will. Priests are the only class that can heal other players and also make them stronger by buffing them(guardians are also able to buff others). This is a mainly support class but due to powerful heal available to them, they are really strong solo too.

Difficulty: Hard
This class harnesses Ellora's strength to smite their enemies and protect party members with a wide array of recovery and enhancement spells.


Priest skills mostly use magic motes with mana. To create said motes you need to use specific skills: Cohesion Veil, Heaven's Hammer, Punishing Radiance and Holy Punishment(maybe there gonna be more). Motes use Ellora's Mark, Sacred Impact(the strongest offencive skill of Priest) and Contrition. In the video above you can see all these skills except for Punishing Radiance, which is no target aoe skill(effect is around priest).

Healing Skills

Priest is the only Healing class in game and have a lot of skills to heal both himself and his allies: Divine Comfort(self only), Ellora's Mark(instant target heal, has a little aoe effect), Divine Power(heal over time on target), Righteous Authority(heal over time on target) and Healing Glow (charging type of heal in area around Priest). You can see all those skills in the video above.


In this short video you can look up all talents of Priest class.