Marque de Poyo

Marque de Poyo


Description Cette marque peut vous aider à apprivoiser Poyo.
Niveau requis 1
Reqjobs Toutes les classes
Valeur 10C
Type Combinaison de matériaux
Niveau Héroïque


Marque de Poyo 1
Marque de Poyo 2


Mastery level 2
Mastery type Recherche sur les familiers
Orbe de familier héroïque Orbe de familier héroïque 8
Élixir de domptage supérieur Élixir de domptage supérieur 10
Plume de piyo Plume de piyo 20
Viande de rat Viande de rat 5
Toro l’érudit Toro l’érudit 6

Following familiars can be tamed with item

Poyo Poyo

Where you can get Poyo Mark

As you probably have already guessed you can either craft it, get it as a drop from World Bosses(such as 52lvl SandStorm, his location shown on picture here), get as a daily reward or achievement reward from random heroic familiar mark box or buy at the Market from other players.

Where you can get Poyo Mark Recipe

You can get recipe for Poyo mark as a drop from world boss Lazart at the Mercenary Outpost.