Parfum de Davy

Parfum de Davy


Description Garme adore ce parfum. Sert à apprivoiser Garme.
Niveau requis 1
Reqjobs Toutes les classes
Valeur 10C
Type Combinaison de matériaux
Niveau Héroïque


Mastery level 2
Mastery type Recherche sur les familiers
Ombre de Khabim Ombre de Khabim 10
Fragrance de Davy Fragrance de Davy 1
Orbe de familier Orbe de familier 70
Potion de domptage d'élite Potion de domptage d'élite 15

Some items can be crafted from this item

Image Title Count
I8068062 Marque de Tolus 1

Following familiars can be tamed with item

Garme Garme

Where you can get Daveen's Perfume

As you probably have already guessed you can either craft it, get it as a drop from World Bosses in Hakanas Highlands(Jeranin) or bosses in Parna Coast(Ashuram, Bismuth, Keron, Porseana), get as a daily reward or achievement reward from random heroic familiar mark box or simply buy it at the Market from other players.

You can get recipe for Daveen's Perfume from Daveen herself(as a drop).