Karasha la Sombre

Karasha la Sombre


Lieu Centre des familiers (PC Cafe), Faille de Tritael
Niveau Héroïque
Familiar type Offensive
Puissance du talent 390
Niveau maximum 40

Effet de pierre de sceau

Health min 108 ~ 216
Health max 286 ~ 394
Toutes les caractéristiques min 10 ~ 16
Toutes les caractéristiques max 21 ~ 27


Karasha la Sombre 1
Karasha la Sombre 2

What you need to tame this familiar

Animaux de compagnie

Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 40
Health 1620 5130
Stamina 2001 5768
DPS 201 669
Defense 331 963
Altitude 0 0
Speed 6.5 6.5
Attack speed 2 2


Stat Lvl 1 Lvl 40
Health 1620 5130
Stamina 2001 5768
DPS 201 669
Defense 331 963
Altitude 950 950
Speed 10.0 10.0
Attack speed 2 2

Familiar skills

Image Title Description
Cracheur de feu Cracheur de feu Crache des flammes sur l'ennemi pour lui infliger 30 à 40 points de dégâts de feu supplémentaires
Ténacité légendaire Ténacité légendaire Les familiers légendaires peuvent résister aux effets environnementaux de toutes les régions
Âme puissante Âme puissante Augmente la puissance d'attaque
Écailles de dragon Écailles de dragon Augmente la défense
Cri de dragon Cri de dragon Ce puissant cri de dragon augmente le taux de coups critiques
Haleine de magma Haleine de magma Souffle du magma sur l'ennemi


Map Upper Tritael Rift
Source From familiar trapper Leminer's journal
Description Karashas a true devil. She battled alongside the God of Ruin in the War of the Light. But the dark dragon can be dominated. With the right ingredients, a mark could be used to keep her at bay. Id need Kravid, Red Horn Galadoku, and a Wretched Emblem. Word has it a man named Zelluchs holds a clue to getting the emblem. If I can weaken the dragon and ensnare her with the mark, the she-dragon will be mine.
Avatar Location Karasha la Sombre - Riders of Icarus Location of Karasha la Sombre - Riders of Icarus

How to tame Karasha the Dark One

To tame Karasha the Dark One you will need 40 taming points and Karasha Mark, to craft Karasha Mark you will need to get:
- Recipe from either Fallen Legion Goraktus(its a miniboss in Rivengate) or you can buy it from Auctioneer;
- Tame 2 Red Horn Galadoku or buy them from Auctioneer;
- Tame 2 Void Kravid or buy them from Auctioneer;
- Get 5 Wretched Emblem from quest [Elite] For the Adventure King or you can buy them from Auctioneer also;
- Get 120 Familiar Orb either farm them from any mobs in game or buy them;
- Get 100 Elite Taming Potion from Merchant (60silver each);

After getting Karasha Mark(which you can also buy from auctioneer or get as a drop from Legion Commander Imperius (boss at Blackhaven Isle)) all you need to do is find Karasha the Dark One near Blackhaven Isle at Tritael Rift(around 750m altitude), lower his hp to 5-10% and tame it!